(Also known as the flip-flop, or flic-flac.)

This skill is the most common desired skill to be learned in tumbling….

They are fun and challenging at the same time. This skill that looks so easy to do is quite difficult when you don't have the basics or strength needed in order to accomplish this skill. Diamondback Gymnastics puts safety first. We will concentrate on getting you strong and flexible in the areas needed. We also spot you through the skill until you feel as though you are ready to accomplish this on your own.

This process can take any where from 3 months to 1 1/2 years. This depends on how much effort you put into learning and strengthening yourself. It will also depends on how much you work on your basics.

Diamondback Gymnastics does not recommend that you practice tumbling at home. We find that most kids get hurt at home more so than in the gym. However you can work strength and the handstand hold. Holding a handstand is a must and a great place to start. Building strength in your stomach and upper body will help immensely. You must be strong enough in order to jump to your arms without them giving out. This is accomplished by a lot of repetition and hard work.

Good Luck!!

Tumbling trial classes are $15 and you will also need a trial waiver signed by a parent or guardian. These are trial class requirements and you will not be let into class without them. Tumbling is so much fun to do! It is good exercise and will build flexibility, coordination and some strength. Tumbling classes are good for those kids who like gymnastics, but do not necessarily like working out on the bars, beam or vault. If learning a back-handspring or being a cheerleader is your only goal, this might be the program for you. Safety is our main concern. Please understand that it may take a while in order to build the strength necessary to keep you safe when learning a back-handspring or other skills. This process may take a few months or even a year depending on the level of tumbling you start with. Please sign up early enough to give yourself the time to learn this skill and others.

If your child is 10 and under, you might want to look into doing one gymnastics class and adding a tumbling class. These ages are the critical ages for your child to develop their full body strength, flexibility, and coordination. The gymnastics program is different than tumbling because of the events. The gymnastics program requires the use of the Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault.

The kids will also follow the USA Junior Olympic Program. This is where they are taught the routines on each of the events. The Bars, will develop the child's arm and some tummy and inner core muscles just by simply putting in the effort. The Beam will develop the child's balance and hopefully grace. The Vault will develop the power and leg strength. The floor will develop the child's grace and coordination. In short, take full advantage of signing your child(ren) up for what will help them fully develop. All of the choices are eventually yours. Please contact us for any questions you might have. Or Email us at gymnastics@dbgymclub.com

Please check out our schedule to see what classes would best fit your daily routine. Many of our tumbling classes are full. They do fill quickly. We have classes for ages and levels of tumbling. If your child has never had tumbling, your child is considered to be a beginner. If your child has her back handspring, but might be inconsistent, she should sign up for our intermediate class. If your child was a gymnast or a previous tumbler and is working on tuck back, layouts and higher, she should be in our advanced tumbling.

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*Participant must have a trial waiver signed by parent or guardian in order to take class.
**See the waiver link on our site menu and print a copy or stop by and pick up a form