Girls Level 3
Girls Level 3
Please Note: You must *qualify to participate at this level

This class is designed for girls who have quite a bit of experience in gymnastics and have been through the developmental program. This class is a class intended for the gymnast with a goal of continued improvement. This fun class is for the gymnast who is seeking a much bigger challenge. As the gymnast learns the routines on each of the apparati, the kids skill level will improve leading them to the level 4.

This class will cover the 4 apparatus in women's gymnastics (vault, bars, beam & floor). You do not have to be an expert or even want to be an Olympic gymnast to give this level of gymnastics a try. This class follows themes, which are changed every two weeks. Games, relays and contests center on the theme planned in order to warm the kids up and & teach the basic skills for the routines they learn on each piece of apparatus. This helps to keep class fun.

Our program follows the "USA Junior Olympic" routines for each level, which will create a great foundation to promote progressive learning for their skill development. This sport helps kids get exercise to stay in shape, build strength, flexibility, body awareness, coordination, and don't forget how much fun this sport is! It is exciting, and challenging too. This sport teaches kids to focus on instruction and performance. This fun sport is also a great way to meet other children with the same interests and goals. Our program is set up so the kids will achieve new skills progressively. This is a great self-esteem builder, which kids generally tend to carry through their everyday life and activities.

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